Trust & Respect in CPA

As we face the climate crisis, we are aware that those least responsible, especially in the Global South, are suffering first and worst. However, a growing number of us worldwide are being affected physically, materially, psychologically and emotionally – directly through experiences of climate related disasters, in our reactions to the latest news, in our private thoughts, in our sense of loss, anger and despair, and for an increasing number of us, in our dreams.

We require a deep understanding of what it means to be human in these times. Each of us brings the authenticity of our own unique struggle with this problem and it is our belief that everyone has something to contribute.

We therefore recognise the importance and value of a diverse membership, in particular seeking to be more inclusive of racially minoritised communities and members in the Global South whose voices are often underrepresented, but are essential in challenging the power structures which drive both injustice, and the ecological and climate crises. We seek to learn with and from other cultures and disciplines, recognising the significance of indigenous and non-Western knowledges and practices.

On this we still have much work to do, including addressing & reforming power structures within our own community, decolonising our organisation and building stronger relationships and dialogues with thinkers and activists working outside of Western paradigms.

These processes are an integral part of the work of CPA in building a culture of care, trust and mutual respect. We do not accept discriminatory behaviour on the basis of age, class, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity or reassignment, sexuality, neurodivergence, belief, marriage or partnership status, pregnancy or maternity or any other form. We actively challenge the discriminatory hierarchies and assumptions which are woven into the power structures underpinning society, and we support each other as we go through our different processes of confronting and challenging our own embedded assumptions.

Whoever you are, you are warmly welcomed to join us and take part in our activities as we address together the psychological aspects of the ecological crises we are all facing.

Climate Psychology Alliance

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