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Group Therapeutic Outreach

CPA is working with groups and organisations to deliver a range of trainings, talks, workshops and conference presentations in the theory and practice of Climate Psychology.

As people awake to the very real dangers of continuing inaction around climate change, we have begun offering support to those affected by engaging with such difficult truths with the aim of:-

  • Helping to understand our complex individual and cultural responses  as the crisis unfolds and we engage with the unthinkable
  • Helping people to develop resilience, so that they can contribute to sustainable communities and prepare for change
  • Validating people’s experiences of responses to the climate crisis; helplessness, grief, anger, despair and fear all have their place in this work

We can offer therapeutic support to any groups or individuals who are interested in our approach and who may want support or are experiencing distress in the light of current climate change crisis & action. We have therapists across the UK willing to offer support.

Some of the therapeutic outreach we offer includes:

Climate Psychology - Climate psychology comes from the twin fields of psycho-social studies and psychotherapy, approaches which help us to understand the unconscious processes and emotions which control our thoughts, beliefs and behaviour and which show up in mutually reinforcing systems of defence in society.

This can inform how we:

  • Listen to peoples' experience of climate change and talk to friends, family and colleagues,
  • Educate counsellors/therapists meeting "eco-anxiety" in their clients
  • Research individual and societal responses

Some of the essential themes of climate psychology which will be explored include the nature of denial and disavowal, the connections between thinking, feeling and acting, and how to "stay with" and manage the disturbing feelings, conflicts and dilemmas provoked by awareness of the climate crisis.

Through the Door - reflective workshops for counsellors and psychotherapists who are taking their practice outside the consulting room in response to the climate emergency.

Working with Children and Young People - we can provide a faciltated workshop on supporting children with issues around the climate and biodiversity emergency for parents, schools and other organisations that work with young people. The workshops will include:

Psychology and the Climate and Ecological Crisis and our own emotional responses
Talking with children and young people about the climate emergency
Building a toolkit of resources and a talk/workshop to offer schools

Climate Cafés - exploring psychology and the Climate & Ecological Crisis and our own emotional responses.

We suggest that we start with a discussion about the psychological aspects of the climate and ecological emergency and include thoughts about the impact on mental health and organisational dynamics. CPA could provide a presentation and also a supported group discussion about the emotional work involved and our defences against the complex feelings involved. We can talk through the value of exploring different narratives and metaphors, skills and methods to support and facilitate groups, communicating about the climate emergency with others and group experience in a climate café. We could then run a climate café together exploring how it works whilst experiencing one.

Building a toolkit of practical resources to develop and run climate cafés. The third part of the workshop would focus on building a toolkit of resources to draw on when setting up and running a climate café. Practical considerations and troubleshooting.

Continuing Professional Development to foster Climate Crisis Awareness in practising and trainee therapists and counsellors.

Eco-Anxiety Supporting young people and adults in understanding and then building emotional resilience through therapeutic responses to eco-anxiety and eco-depression.