Appendix 2 - Handbook Project

This Handbook is the outcome of one of two major projects that expressed and developed the ideas of CPA (the Climate Psychology Alliance) in 2019. We had by then been running for several years and have made a major contribution to assisting the birth and growth of a new field of social understanding, Climate Psychology.

The first project is this web-based handbook to this field, whilst the second is the launch of a new book - Climate Psychology: On Indifference to Disaster, (publ. Palgrave) a collection of papers from CPA members who have been using psycho-social methods to research experiences of climate change by different groups. 

The Handbook has a small editorial team, who produce most of the early entries as a collective project, towards a kind of work of ‘the commons’ that will unfold over time in the style of Wikipedia.

Once an entry is submitted, the usual editorial ‘to and fro’ occurs between the author and the editors, to produce the final draft that goes ‘live’.

There is no individual authorship of entries or of the Handbook as a whole. It is a CPA Handbook.

In future we hope that many more entries will be produced by other CPA members.

Contacts for further information:-

  • Nadine Andrews, e@cul" data-ep-bec22="">
  • Jo Hamilton, 
  • Paul Hoggett, 
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  • Joseph Dodds,