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We are excited to introduce to you the first edition of our new e-Journal - CPA’s Explorations in Climate Psychology Journal, or Explorations. 

Explorations in Climate Psychology Journal - Issue One, October 2021

Climate change confronts humanity’s current unsustainable existence in this world. It makes us turn towards ourselves and recognise our interdependency on others, including nature. “Facing difficult truths about climate change and the ecological crisis” is a vision of the Climate Psychology Alliance (CPA), which was constituted more than a decade ago. CPA was created as a space where psychology could be centred and the psychological depth of climate change be explored, and where community-created and different collective actions could be shared. CPA has developed from a UK-based group to a membership-based alliance representing many different voices around the world. Recently, CPA created a website for an international presence.

CPA mainly comprises psychological professionals, but it is also a platform for activists, policy-makers, journalists, researchers and other people who share an unyielding concern for our planet. Its aim is to play a meaningful role in the development of climate psychology and to contribute more broadly to the discourses that could shape the world for the better. 

In these footsteps, we are excited to introduce to you the first issue of CPA’s Explorations in Climate Psychology Journal, or Explorations. 

Organising and realising this first issue has been a creative process for over a year. The journal seeks to be alert and open to what is emerging in CPA as a collective of different people’s conversations, relationships and actions, which are constantly shifting as the climate crisis manifests itself in so many different ways. Explorations is a natural progression of the inquiry and explorations section of the CPA website that for years has shared testimonies, reflective articles, research and book reviews written by members. Humbly, this Editorial Team sought to respond to CPA’s desire to consolidate these works and provide a medium to reflect on what is emerging for members in relation to the climate crisis. 

The first issue is the Editorial Team’s voluntary work over months. We have not only deliberated about the medium – we’ve settled on a bi-annual journal – but have also thought about how to situate the journal within climate psychology, to capture what is taking place. Explorations will not replace all the contributions and exchanges happening through the Google groups, working groups and website. We hope the journal will be a valuable add-on to CPA by sensitively tracking and reflecting the pace, rhythms, voices, movements and other emerging expressions of climate psychology. We thought of explorations in several ways in this respect, some of which will be reflected in the first issue. 

As you will see in this issue, Explorations is not an academic journal (even though we welcome analytical articles, reviews and features that promote peer-reviewed research). One of our goals is to promote different forms of expression – such as interviews, reflections, testimonies, poetry, art and lightly edited conversations. As an Editorial Team, we believe that only through this approach are we able to create a platform that is inclusive of the different ways people are experiencing and engaging with one another on climate change. However, to be clear, all views are not equal and we would like to promote those who help to navigate the inner and external work (relational and socio-political) that this moment calls on us to do. 

When it comes to the future of this journal, we hope to serve the CPA membership and collaborate with those who appreciate the journal as a platform for spotlighting climate psychology in its many forms. In How to contribute to Explorations in Climate Psychology Journal, we describe in detail how to share what you’re working on, your thoughts, views or accounts of events or experiences. In the next issue, we would like to focus on centring the more-than-human world in climate psychology and have detailed this in the call. The submission deadline is 31 January 2022.

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