Welcome to the CPA Handbook of Climate Psychology!

Our aims through this handbook

  • to develop shared understandings of what is meant by ‘climate psychology’
  • to provide a valuable online resource  

Each entry of about 500 words in length defines a concept, explains its importance to climate psychology, and provides links to relevant literature. 

How to use the Handbook

  • Read the entry on Climate Psychology;
  • Browse other entries as your interest takes you, using the alphabetical index on the left; the Handbook is not intended to be read "cover to cover";
  • We link the different concepts within the text;
  • A reading list, presented in Appendix 1, gives the theoretical background to the idea of climate psychology, with a chronology and examples from the literature of the development of the idea;
  • The Handbook will unfold over time: an unfolding work of ‘the commons’;
  • More about the project, its history and future, can be found in Appendix 2.

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