Backup services

Two complementary backup services have been set up to protect the site.

Codeguard cloud-based backup

This is a paid-for subscription service which provides a very convenient automated backup service daily for all files stored in the CPA hosting account.

It can generally be left running and untouched.

Automatic emails are sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and should be monitored regularly in case of problems - see Using email.

Should any settings need to be changed, or details of backup operations etc. inspected, you need to use the Codeguard dashboard.

Although this is located at (and you may wish to go to this address to check further details of the service etc) you cannot login direct at this address.

Instead, go to the Hostgator control panel, select 'Cloud Backup' (near the top of the list of control panel functions, in the 'Special Offers' section) and on the next screen select 'Login' underneath the details of the 'Basic' package that's in use.

You will now be taken to the Codeguard dashboard and be able to inspect what's going on.

Subsciption renewal and other billing/acount management options are handlded via the Hostgator billing portal.

Akeeba Backup

This well-known and highly regarded Joomla extension provides a complementary backup of the full web site on an on-demand basis. (Auto backup scheduling can be added but this requires some technical knowledge of managing operating system 'cron' facilities so in the interests of sustainability has not be implemented, for the moment at least.)

This backup is generallly run only prior to system changes and is recommended for use only by a technically-aware person.

However, should you wish to inspect the settings, backup status etc., whilst stopping short of changing the settings, please note that:-

  • All Akeeba backup facilities are accessed via the Administrator back-end, Components section, Akeeba Backup option.
  • The 'Manage Backups' option will inform you of the status of backup jobs, and also enable you to download for local secure storage a copy of any selected backup.
  • Clicking 'Backup now' will initiate a new backup using the standard settings

Please IGNORE the prominent prompt to enter the 'Download ID' at the top of the screen. This can and will be entered for you when the occasion arises to download and update the Akeeba Backp software.

Note finally that the Akeeba Backup user account at is currently held in Nick's name and maintained by him on CPA's behalf.